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The head of the Berlin land criminal police office, Christian Steiof has indirectly confirmed that its state security Department had a person of trust (VP) in the environment of the later assassin’s anise Amri. “We are already in the non-public part of this?” he replied with a grin on the question of the FDP members of Parliament, whether there was a V-man in Amris environment. Previously, he had said during his interrogation in the Berlin investigation Committee for attack on the breitscheidplatz several times already, on this question only in the non-public part of the answers.

The FDP’s Deputy Marcel Luthe suggests this is so, that man gave such an V -. Also, the Left party Deputy Hakan Taş says: “I am convinced 100% that there has been a VP of the LKA in Amris environment.”

Two years after the assassination attempt on the Berlin Christmas market at 19. December 2016, in the case of the 12 people and injured more than 50 were killed, has still not been clarified conclusively what information the authorities had, prior to fact, about Amri. It became clear on Friday that the Berlin knew more than they admitted during the previous processing.

The Berlin morning post had reported a V-Person of the LKA in Amris environment. Therefore, the Berlin police had sent a few weeks after the stroke findings to the Senator for the interior, an “Islam seminar” at the extremist Fussilet mosque, which came from the LKA-run “source of information”.

For many years, people of the LKA

“We can have confidence in for many years, people in the area of Islamism against the trust,” said LCA head Steiof before the Committee. The order of the persons of trust in the Islam section is to clarify which persons are, when, and where, what is going on in the scene and who will Excel. “We have not used it, to mosques, to educate,” said Steiof. Other than the protection of the Constitution, the police V must start with people only to concrete persons, not to places, or scenes.

persons of trust, or V-people, are not an investigator, but people from the scene, which are recruited by the police and the provide you, then, for a fee, with information. They are led by police officers, “the”, which you supply. The state protection Department of the LKA Berlin takes you in a private Commissariat.

All applications went through Steiofs table

Steiof said he did not know about the trust people of the LKA know, because her bills were on his table. VP-leaders, who want to pay their V-money to people that need to request this in Steiof and justify. In these applications, the use purpose and the time was among other noted, information as to whether the source has provided helpful insights, but not the real name.

the end of August it became known that the Berlin protection of the Constitution had used a V-man in the environment of Amri, as well as the Federal criminal police office (BKA). In may, the world had first reported that the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution had a V-man in Amris mosque. Earlier it was already known that the Landeskriminalamt of North Rhine-had begun in Westphalia, a V-man.

Steiof disagreed with the investigative Committee. He said that to his knowledge, no VP of the Federal criminal police office. The BKA, the processed information, the CP of the land criminal police office of North Rhine-Westphalia, so it might have looked like, as the BKA have its own VP.