Animals quarantined in the zoo

Animals in quarantine. In the Krasnoyarsk zoo began conducting anti-epidemic measures. It is reported by the GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”.

long-tailed and four-Legged inhabitants of the Park “Roev Ruchey” for visitors to pose no danger. Another thing — the people themselves. To protect the animals from unwanted infections, part of the enclosures resolved to temporarily close. Within the quarantine area were monkeys, African hoofed animals, reptiles and cranes.

In pomewenija zoo installed a UV lamp. Regularly sanitizing all surfaces.

Previously temporary restrictions will be maintained until the end of March. As told by the employees of the administration of the zoo, the complete closure of the Park out of the question. And now visitors here will find a lot make, for example, swimming polar bears.

Not without quarantine another popular tourist place is the national Park “Stolby”. The area is closed because of the epidemic of coronavirus, said the management. Tomorrow in “Pillars” are closed tourist and service centers. When the Park will reopen, it is not specified. Text: GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”