Genie Bouchard said the final ‘yes’.

For a date with one of his many fans on social media, where she bombaredes with kærlighedserklæringer.

This time, however, it has claimed the lives of a male fan all the 27 thousand Danish kroner in order to get agreement in the house.

The typing of the australian media News.

In a live interview with the american reporter Allie LaForce on Instragram, had the canadian star quickly served a number of questions from a lot of fans, who would like to know how it looked with the 26-year-old tennisspillers love life.

And here she was quick to tell that it really did not go so well on the front – and certainly not under the coronakrisen.

“I am very much alone. It is really lonely, for I am literally completely alone,” told Genie Bouchard in the interview.

A problem as she already for some weeks ago tweetede on in the smålumre message: ‘Quarantine would have been much more fun if you had a girlfriend’.

The message was given to the degree people to respond at home at the keys, and therefore she was going to have to come up with a call to its male followers:

‘My agent has just told me that you guys send dating-cvs to the e-mail listed on my Twitter profile. It must keep up with,’ she wrote at the time.

But now it looks still one of the many attempts to get in contact with Genie Bourchard has borne fruit for an Instagram user who calls himself ‘Bob’.

Allie LaForce had noticed superfanen, who several times had tried to get in touch with the canadian tennis player, and therefore, she chose to surprise Genie Bouchard with a visit of the ‘Bob’ in the live interview.

“I think I’m in love with her,” it sounded from him as he popped up in Genie Bouchards screen.

Here he offered first to donate around 20,000 dollars to charity if the former Wimbledon finalist said yes to go out with him on a date, but also here was Genie Bouchard quick to shoot the offer down:

“I’m worth more, Bob.”

It struck, however, not the optimistic fan out, which subsequently chose to increase the amount of 27,000 dollars for a date with Genie Bouchard, when corona-the epidemic is over.

And after pressure from both viewers and Allie LaForce, selected tennisstjernen finally to accept the offer, as she tried to get talked down to a deal over Facetime, but ‘Bob’ would rather have ‘the real thing’, as he himself put it.

a few years ago ended up Genie Bouchard, indeed, to go in the city with a fan, because she had lost a bet on Twitter to him. Read more about it here.