At the station, in Social Media, in front of the TV: Everywhere, we are faced these days with advertising that tells us what we should throw on the Grill.

companies such as Coop (“Now CH CH”), Migros (“#Grillitarier”), and Bell (“Grill-your-Bill”) to advertise with huge campaigns for meat.

don’t like it all.”That meat advertising is made, we find more than problematic,” says Danielle Cotten, spokeswoman of Swissveg, the largest representation of the interests of the vegetarian and vegan people living in Switzerland.

the flesh of advertising from the Federal government

sausage subsidized goods and red meat could be hazardous to health, and were not, therefore, in the advertising, finds Cotten. Especially pushing that Proviande, the advertising, the competent Organisation of the Swiss meat industry, from the Federal government will also subsidize – and with around six million Swiss francs per year.

Cotten: “A product that is so harmful to the climate, such as meat, should certainly not be funded with taxpayers’ money.”

On 3. July 2019 has written Swissveg of the business review Commission (GPK) of the national Council a letter with the corresponding request: No public money for meat advertising!

the fight for advertising space

However, not only on a political level, Swissveg the meat lobby says the fight. Also, the advertising space, the Organisation leave not without a fight the retailers. At railway stations it is currently advertising with huge posters for a total absence of animal products. “It is the largest and resource-intensive campaign of Swissveg,” says Cotten. The total cost amounted to more than 100000 Swiss francs.

On a poster is about to read: “Responsible parents vegan feed.” Cotten says: “It is not our intention to provoke something and to bring people to the topic.”

The meat lobby to request diplomatic: “If someone eats vegan or vegetarian, is left to each and every Person yourself. This also applies to parents,” said Regula Kennel of Proviande.

barbecue advertising with vegetables

And she turns the tables on them: “However, parents are more responsible when they feed their children pure vegan.” Animal proteins, Vitamin B12 and B2, and iron for the healthy development of children and young people is of Central importance.

The positions could not be further away from each other. After all, there are also conciliatory tones. Cotten: “this year There will also be barbecue advertising with vegetables! This makes us very happy.”