That the Leakage of seminal fluid and orgasm are not the same, most men only if you have experience in this area, there is a Problem. For it may well happen that seminal fluid outlet as in the case of an orgasm, the feeling of pleasure is missing. One then speaks of a so-called “anhedonischen orgasm” or “anorgasmia”, i.e. an inability to orgasm.

To find out what exactly is happening, it needs a careful clarification. The Central questions are, among others, when the Problem occurred for the first time, whether it is present constantly or only from time to time, and if you can identify things that improve the Situation or make it worse. It is important to know, also, whether on the physical or mental level, something Distinctive has happened in the last time.

In our email exchange, you wrote that you take some food supplements to you, because you’re doing intense strength sport. Don’t let a doctor advise whether these are really safe for you, and check whether you correctly dosierst. Be aware that effective Training will also have sufficient rest.

another point that you need to keep in mind is the Cannabis consumption, you have on demand mentioned. In case of intensive consumption of orgasm disorders can actually be an issue. What “intense” is exactly, but relatively. Take a break and see if something changed. And please don’t hesitate to leave you advice, if you come alone.

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