Angelina Jolie (44) to have difficulties in order to keep your six children under control. This reveals the Ex-Nanny of Hollywood Stars, compared to the US edition of “OK!”. “She is a mother, who is distracted by their personal problems and their work very much, what a Disaster,” says the former employee.

“makes you more broken than you are doing Good”

The main problem: Jolie allow Shiloh (13), Vivienne (10), Maddox (17), Knox (10), Zahara (14) and Pax Thien (15) everything. “You have no rules, and they are absolutely wild,” says the Ex-Nanny, whose Name is not known. Prior to the separation in 2016, husband Brad Pitt (55) structure have to be brought into the everyday life of the Small. “Angelina thinks she’s the cool mom, by treating their Kids like adults. But the fact is that children need to know boundaries. Makes you more broken than you do that is Good,” says the Ex-nanny. Jolie’s education goal is that their children “find themselves,” she said once in the “Today”Show.

you should not drink a lot of wine

“enough”: The former employees of the actress accuses her Ex-Boss to drink a lot of wine. Your older children have, you can try alcohol. Another Insider says: “I’ve heard that Angie has no Problem to leave the children alone at home while she meets on Sushi Dates with friends.”

What Brad Pitt says to the allegations? With your Jolie is been around for three years in the dirty war of the roses. The most common children suffer. It is said that their oldest daughters have to carry Shiloh and Zahara rings with a GPS function, so that Jolie can track the movements of their children. She wanted to prevent, according to the American”InTouch” that you visit secretly Brad. (kad)