actress Angelina Jolie (44) is located for more than two years in the war of the roses with your former Partner Brad Pitt (55). Still waiting for the divorce. At the same time you are arguing over the custody of their common children.

they particularly suffer from this Situation. Also, because your mother wants you to visit, secretly, her father Brad Pitt. To prevent this, Jolie has taken even more drastic measures. Thus the performer knows at all times where their oldest daughters, Shiloh (12) and Zahara (14) stop, will have to carry the two girls for the latest rings with the GPS function. The “Maleficent”actress wants to prevent, among other things, that Shiloh wegschleicht again from the plot and secretly your father visits. A App the Ex of Brad Pitt can track the movements of their children.

Angelina Jolie is a control freak

one of her former Bodyguards keeps Jolie because of these actions, “a self-centered control freak”, as he betrayed the American”InTouch”. Angelina seems to find your tracking madness, however, absolutely fine. “If you have six children, you’re busy constantly,” she said once in the “Today”Show. Your education goal is that their children “find themselves”. (Bang)