Angela Merkel will manage the Germany from home

First, the head of government announced at a press conference about the approval of stringent plan to restrict contacts between citizens, and then she learned that the doctor who made her last week preventive vaccination, confirmed coronavirus. “The Chancellor is sent to quarantine, is to make regular tests COVID-19 and work from home,” confirmed an official representative of the German Cabinet Steffen Seibert.

Photo: REUTERS/Gennadiy Novik the German economy is predicted to fall by 20 percent due to coronavirus

Now the German government will have to urgently rebuild on a new track. The General rehearsal was held already on Sunday, when Angela Merkel met with the premiers of all 16 Federal States in the new conference format. It was discussed on the introduction of measures for “maximum isolation” of citizens. However, not everything went smoothly, and even without the threat of a move is not done. As it became known to Die Welt, the Prime Minister of Bavaria Marcus Seger, who heads the Christian social Union (local party, representing an Alliance with the Christian Democrats), “almost out of broadcast” because of the attacks of his colleagues, the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Lacheta.

Mr. Laset, which does not hide the claims for a post of the head of the CDU, in recent days, came under a barrage of criticism for “softness” in the fight against coronavirus. Unlike him, the Bavarian Prime Minister last Friday put the countrymen in strict quarantine, allowing them to leave the house only in case of dire need. And, of course, no public events, parties and even walking small companies. The Bavarians, by the way, reducedthe issuance of a unanimously supported. But Lashed accused Seder, “not agreed their actions with Berlin”, arbitrariness and headed separate consultations with the leaders of 11 of the lands. They prepared for the Chancellor his “road map” for the German quarantine, including the recommendation not to gather in public places in groups of more than five people.

German Chancellor will now hold meetings via phone and video

“the meeting was extremely confrontational atmosphere”, – said the interlocutor of the edition. To reconcile opponents a strong-willed decision could only Merkel, presenting his own, much less a liberal plan of action. Pairing off, keep a distance of half a meter, to suspend the operation of catering and the lion’s share of enterprises in the sphere of services except for delivery services of food – these regulations are not subject to appeal, violators are waiting for huge fines and even criminal penalties.

In the next couple of weeks, Merkel will continue to run the country in a manual mode. At a press conference she mentioned that she actively liaises by telephone and Skype. However, sensitive issues related to security on mobile is still not being discussed. So in Berlin I hope that no state of emergency, requiring the presence of the Chancellor in the workplace, during those two weeks will not happen.


the German media found out, as Merkel prepared to quarantine. The Chancellor appeared on the verge of a Berlin supermarket on Mohrenstrasse, where she often can be seen. Despite the threat of catching the offending virus in a crowded place, the German head of government has remained true to herself and she went shopping. But at the same time gave the Germans an example of how not to panic. Reporters of the TV channel RTL could see a food cart of Mrs. Merkel. It showed up “just one small package of toilet paper”, shower gel, and four bottles of white wine – on closer examination it turned out to be Italian.