Queen Elizabeth II has a new roommate. Apparently her close friend and longtime collaborator, Angela Kelly, has moved in with her at Windsor Castle. Another reason: to come and take better care of the Queen.

Last year, Queen Elizabeth II (96) decided to retire from Buckingham Palace and move to Windsor Castle. Since then, the monarch has lived in the venerable palace outside the gates of London and enjoys the tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of capital city life.

But now the 96-year-old seemed a bit too lonely. According to a British media report, her best friend Angela Kelly (69) is said to have moved in with her. The Queen’s increasing mobility restrictions were apparently also a reason for moving in.

Kelly, who has been working as a stylist for the Queen for 28 years, is considered one of Elizabeth II’s closest confidants. As “Daily Mail” reports, citing an insider, the trained seamstress already has one of the 775 rooms at Windsor Castle based. Her suite – complete with a 100-inch TV – is said to be adjacent to the Queen’s private quarters.

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Due to her physical proximity to the Queen, Kelly is supposed to support the monarch, who has been struggling with foot pain and walking problems in recent months but absolutely does not use a wheelchair, in coping with her everyday life.

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