Anfisa Chekhov complained about disturbing sleeping neighbours

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova told in Instagram, as it spends the night during a pandemic coronavirus and spoke about what to do when it runs out.

“I Woke up today at four o’clock in the morning, because the neighbors above suddenly decided to make the night a party and was blasting music at full power. All this screaming cacophony lasted about ten minutes, and then stopped,” she wrote.

The presenter noted that this shake-up helped her to feel how important the silence of the night and noted that the restrictive measures of coronavirus has also helped to realize how expensive the usual things – walks in the Park, shopping, visiting the hairdresser or the kebabs on the nature.

“I’m not talking about travel! (…) The difficult times teach us to “enjoy the simple pleasures, and get pleasure from everyday things,”” she said.

As reported by “Rambler”, to 16 April, the number infected with the coronavirus in Russia has reached 27 938. Previously, to prevent the spread of infection in the country was introduced a state of isolation.