in the Meantime, there’s the world’s 2.5 billion Android Smartphones. And at least the latest devices will be upgraded starting in late summer, with Android Q, the latest Version of the operating system of Google.

At the developer conference I/O in California has betrayed the Internet giant, which are provided for new features for Android Smartphones. A VIEW presents the most important.

these are the main features of Android Q

Quite fascinating, this new feature called “automatic transcription”. Because the phone System can translate real-time speech-to-Text and as a subtitle in Videos, in any Video, but also for Podcasts or voice messages. Can’t activate this function at any time, it does not even need an Internet connection.

: This new Feature is not only pleasant, if one uses his phone in the dark, but also saves battery. With Android Q can be turned on for the first time a dark Design, either automatically after a certain time, or manually. What went on in individual Apps, through the entire operating system.

With Android P you can’t comprehend exactly how long you use Apps, and also time limitations, switch – on-to spend on Social Media a lot of time. Newly, there is a so-called focus mode: The User can specify which Apps he’s most nervous or interrupt. And at the push of a button, these applications will be switched off for a certain amount of time. Then, if you want to focus on something else, and no fault can need.

Android Q is first optimized on foldable Displays. Say: All the Google Apps to work seamlessly across different screen sizes will be displayed. And for the developers it will be easier, your Apps also.

New Apps can use the text building blocks, the answers to the touch of a button. Android interprets a message and propose meaningful answers directly in the notifications.

Android Q relies on Gestures like the iPhone

so Far, you could make for the protection of privacy in the different menu points settings. This should now be in a new area in the settings grouped together. So you can see at a glance which Apps can access your personal data. New can also accurately determine when an App is allowed to the user’s location to retrieve, for example only, if one uses the application. You can also delete the saved data faster and easier.

Google has also improved the gesture control. So far, which was implemented only so half-heartedly, now she is fully integrated in Android. It relies practically on the same swipe gestures as Apple’s iPhone – and the have proven to be Yes. Especially convenient that you can switch directly from App to App with a Swipe.

The Problem of security update: You have to install active at a time, and then a reboot. To be according to Google, different. Important, minor Updates come directly, such as Play Store. As with the auto-Update of Apps will be updated so the settings without you can notice big some of it, and without that you can forget it.

And what does it actually mean Android Q?

The name issue remains open. Traditionally, Google goes one letter further in the Alphabet: According to the Android P last year, Android follows, therefore, logically Q in the year 2019, next year then Android R.

However, the Americans call Android then with Liquid. Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Fro, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Pie there was in the past. What could Android mean Q?

It is of course speculated already: Quark would be obvious, however, the English is more of a “curd”. Quark would be more of the physical particles. Therefore, it is rather speculated on Quiche, Quesadilla or Quesito. The latter is a cream cheese filled puff pastry-Candy from Puerto Rico and not only in the Latino community in the United States popular. Therefore, the hottest contender is Quesito on the name.