After Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26) in the current mission Rocker Mike (29), the self-Ex-professional football player Willie (32) and heartthrob Massimo (23) proclaimed was the run-pass, only eight candidates in the race for the final Rose. After the mid-point of the season, the biceps Bachelorette for a VIEW of the balance sheet.

men breast fanatic Jay

“He really fights for me and you can tell that he wants me to really. Sometimes he exaggerates a bit – such as, for example, with the history of lies to his deceased Grandfather.”

footballer Cousin Dragan

“He’s a mega-ambitious person and always full throttle. But I have sometimes the feeling that he’s more about Winning than me.”

Sex-abstainers Danilo

“He is a relationship and a family man. I like it very much to him. Sometimes I don’t think he is as adventurous as I am.”

Sixpack-Banker Levin

“Levin is single-minded and very ambitious. He knows exactly what he wants, and does everything for it. However, I’m not sure if I’m just a trophy for him, and whether he means it really seriously.”

“Bachelorette”-Tarzan Kenny

“We have the same interests and like Action. Since he’s never had a long relationship, I do not know him, whether he is a relationship person.”

Surferboy Fabio

“He is always prepared and very positive. We love both of them to travel. With him but I’m not sure if he has time for a relationship and whether I fit in his life.”

big mouth, Cedric

“He sense of Humor and with it you can have good and deep conversations. But he has two faces and I never know where I stand with him. I wonder at him: does he Want me or just in the TV?”

Piercing-publican Dominik

“He is always very cautious. However, I can have good conversations with him. He has a funny sense of Humor. But I have the feeling that he is not even in the mood of a time in South Africa.”

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