However, as the director of Lyceum No. 185 Igor Onishchenko said, there is not enough space for everyone in the building built in 1968 on Turgenev Street. The school team dreams of a new building with large areas and design capacity.

– In the last ten years, it was planned that the school would be reconstructed. But later it was decided to build a new building. The project documentation is ready, ” the school director said.

Igor Onishchenko noted that the deputies of the Council of Deputies of the city of Novosibirsk and the Legislative Assembly of the region were actively involved in solving the problem.

Andrey Shimkiv got acquainted with the sketch of a new four-story school.

Music teacher Natalia Alemasova is one of those who heard the very first bell that sounded 52 years ago in the lyceum building. The chairman of the Legislative Assembly presented her and her colleagues, who have worked in the field of education for many years, with gifts at the solemn line. Addressing all teachers, parents and students, Andrey Shimkiv congratulated everyone on the beginning of the new school year and wished them good health.

– I am sure that soon we will all see the start of construction of a new school, – said the speaker of the legislative assembly. – The dream of the school team will definitely be fulfilled.