Andrey Konchalovsky will remove the film

Next he talks about what the documentary is a study where you for yourself is called “Quarantine in Russian.” But the most interesting that he asks the subscribers to sponsor.

“I would like you to write down for me the small clips with the answers to the questions that worry me. These questions can not be answered simply “Yes” or “no”: to speculate, to share their thoughts and feelings. Every answer is important, every experience is unique, and all together they will give us a picture of the life of our country”, – says Andrey Osipov.

Photo: will a movie support during pandemic

For starters, it is the people in his video to answer 4 questions. Here they are:

– What quarantine in Russia differs from quarantine in China, for example, or Europe?

– What’s the craziest purchase you’ve made during a state of universal anxiety, the sense of danger?

– Show a favourite place in your house and tell me about it.

– when do you think the outcome of this epidemic? And how it will end?

Then he asks the following questions. “You can answer one or all, it is at your discretion. You can record answers on different days, you can answer the same several times, if something has changed,” the Director offers. And then gives the operator tips:

Photo: iStock Studio them. Gorky will make a movie about the struggle of the Russians with the coronavirus

“it doesn’t Matter what phone you are going to record a video, but it is important that during recording you were holding it horizontally. Answers, please, publish on their pages in social networks, and my team will find them via the hashtag #tarantinoesque #karantinos or even shorter – with numbers of issues, for example, #карантин1, #карантин2. And then you sent fragments we will try to lay down a film which will retain our memory of this time.”

In the project are invited to participate those who speak Russian worldwide. It is important to emphasize that the project Konchalovsky is a non – profit. And that while it is difficult to answer the question of whether it is a movie or documentary series.