Minister of construction region Ivan Schmidt said the construction of the road commenced on behalf of the Governor and will be at the expense of city, regional and Federal budgets. For these purposes will receive 144 million rubles. The opening movement is scheduled for 2021.

– the New road will provide a promising out on the street Komsomol, connecting two major streets of this area, and improve traffic situation in the area, – commented Ivan Schmidt. – Our goal is infrastructure development in a developing neighborhood, and in this task we will rely on the opinion of the residents

the Initiative was supported by representatives of the legislature. Together with members of the government deputies to monitor progress in the construction of the track. The Deputy of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk Sergey Trubnikov noted that a quick fix with the construction of a new road on the street Petukhov – the result of the interaction of all levels of government.

the press service of the regional government said that the construction of the road will be carried out under the state program aimed at providing affordable and comfortable housing and communal services of Russian citizens.

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the First phase of the road construction on the street Petukhov started in 2019, held competitive procedure to select a General contractor for the second phase. This year, the planned removal of utilities and the construction of the road.