It is the CEO, of the pants down: in 2012, Andreas Meyer (58), went swimming for a portrait in the VIEW of the Aare river and took then a Serving of French fries with his wife, Marie-Theres. The pictures were in the SBB staff for days, the conversation topic number 1.

The chief in swimwear! The appearance fits so well with the character of the native of Basel tenderer. He wants to be a popular Manager, always striving to maintain the direct contact to the SBB staff. What’s not always possible. He is a rational Manager, as figure of identification.

GAs is always more expensive

Meyer staged self – preferably, of course, with Positive messages. But he was also then, when it came to train glitches or broken Toilets. Or the ever-rising ticket prices: the General subscription cost when Amtantritt Meyers 2007 2990 francs. Today, there are already 3860 francs.

Meyer, independent but with CVP-past, has rebuilt the SBB to a modern company. Due to its dynamic nature and new ideas for the future of mobility. The a praise.

Others criticize his research leadership style and meckerten that he was talking about rather than listening to them, “there was no Celebration without Meyer”. High staff turnover is locking in his Era of leadership. 25 different members were sitting in webs since 2007, the Board of Directors of the Federal government, in the Executive Committee went, and came 21 people.

In his veins iron flows bahner-blood

Meyer comes from a Basel railway staff family. His father worked as a SBB wagon master and later as head of the SBB-operation workshop in Muttenz, BL. Scion Andreas came early in contact with the SBB. He accompanied his father as a as a Boy, on the Rhine, the port where he dare to said loads in a controlled and Brake tests. During his law studies he worked as a cleaner in the SBB-wagons.

Later, he performed in Germany – what is succeed in the least Swiss. In the case of the Deutsche Bahn, the father of three various positions held, most recently, he was chief of the division of city traffic. Then Benedikt Weibel (72) resigned and Meyer was one of 30 applicants for the Job as the new CEO of the SBB.

He made as a geek and outer standing in the race. “Meyer has a high level of social competence with a strong leadership capability and experience,” reasoned the former SBB-Chairman of the Board Thierry Lalive d’epinay (75) the choice.

a Lot of heart blood, high goals

Since then, Meyer for SBB live in hectic times, he slept only three hours per night, such as work colleagues told. He has a heart of blood and screwed the goals of market-based manner in the height.

“We still need to be punctual, especially in our dense System this is important: A few minutes late and the connecting train is gone,” he said in one of the first of countless Interviews.

This goal he missed As in 2006, before that Meyer was the CEO, 3.8 percent of all trains have a delay of more than five minutes. In recent years, one out of every ten train arrived more than three minutes late at the destination. However, the SBB define the punctuality is now more strict. At the same time, the frequency increased on the rail network, as well as the number of commuters: for example, the annual number of passengers rose in the Era of Meyer, 285 to 456 million.

In the millions also climbed the salary of the SBB-Bosses, which led to fierce criticism. Since 2010, he cracked the million mark on a regular basis. He is considered the best-paid chief of a State enterprise.

delays, problems with rolling stock, accidents,

the Federal government in Bern helped Meyer to prepare his SBB for the future: the Parliament decided, recently, for the Expansion of the rail network, a whopping 13 billion Swiss francs to spend.

in Spite of this joyful message in the current year was for Meyer not a good one: The Federal Railways fought during the heat wave with deformed Tracks and massive delays on individual routes. A train driver coming shortage and the persistent delivery problems at the Wackelzug Dosto.

And then a deadly accident: train-boss, Bruno R. (†54) occurred, it was trapped at the beginning of August at the railway station of Baden AG in a door, several kilometers dragged and fatally injured.

Meyer claimed, for passengers there would be no danger to his business to admit that in four years, 86 passengers trapped have been. SBB has discovered a further 69 doors with safety-related defects. An internal document shows, according to the SonntagsBlick, in addition, that within SBB 2018 at the latest, it was known that the risk of defects doors out.

Since this accident, the SBB are in crisis. It won’t be the last that has to deal with her boss, Meyer is likely to. The end of 2020, he shall, at the latest, after 14 years.