On Sunday, the Austrian presenter Silvia Schneider (37) announced the separation of the Volks-Rock’n’roller Andreas Gabalier (34). The two of them were for six years, a Couple of. It has been speculated for some time about a separation of the two, since they have not been seen for months together. In a long and very emotional Facebook Post, the Schneider, told their followers from the love.

Now, the musician speaks. On Facebook he writes: “thanks to you, my dear Fans, I can move mountains, the biggest stadiums to fill and millions of people with my music! The most Important thing, however, I unfortunately did not manage, and the tears of my heart!”

More Gabalier don’t want to say for the separation. “With the loving lines on Silvia’s Facebook page, everything has been said,” he says. He therefore ask for your understanding that there were no further comments from him and his Management. “It is already painful enough.”

friend called reasons

The German Reality-TV-Star Julian Stoeckel (32) is a good friend of Silvia Schneider. The German gossip portal “celebrity flash”, he told, what is behind the separation. “He is the only on-the-go, it is only on the road, since it is of course difficult to live a common life. I think that Silvia is a human, the Half-power. Either Silvia makes a relationship very or not at all.” Therefore, the two should have drawn the line under their relationship. (bnr)