a vreugdedansje that led to the non – public health condition in the game, but Anderlecht isn’t bothered at all with the looming threat of the union for the Belgian clubs in Europe, to fend them off. If at all possible, will be Marc Coucke (in a form of a play-off finish at best, to maintain European football. The purple-and-white look at Michael Verschueren. The sports manager was to be ignored field, with his good contacts at the post, he may be lobbying for an immediate competitiestop still to go.

as For Anderlecht, is a very, very, very thorough cost reduction plan is on the table. Some of the brokers will be shocked that the club even wants to compromise on a small amount and ask them to make a few thousand dollars to drop. The remediation work must be thoroughly done. In this way, the core of this summer to be scaled down, and new transfers would not be in excess of 2.5 million may be incurred. As for the competition, however, is to be discontinued, then the decline in income, without any of the play-offs and, possibly, European football and more. The purple & white had dreamed of for the last day, really, from Play-off 1, of course.

the board of directors of the Pro League, explained Marc Coucke is certainly with the advice of our league immediately, but Anderlecht looked in the direction of the union. We would like to RSCA’s health at risk, but it is still too early to come to a definite point, up to the Jupiler Pro League. In addition, the city’s population during the European football body to a stream of clubs who just may feel the same way. The Clubs hope to be claims for compensation from the tv channels to avoid any loss to the revenue limit will soon be in, say, Italy, Spain, Germany and the uk, are still playing football until the beginning of August. Even without an audience.


in it is possible for a role to be played by Michael Verschueren. Verschueren’s junior seat in the ECA (European Club Association), of which the major European clubs are represented. He has good relations with drivers like Nasser Al-Khelaifi (PSG), Josep Maria Bartomeu (Barcelona-spain), Edwin van der Sar (Ajax), and Adrea Agnelli (Juventus). It may be the price that the post is going to sail for solid impact.

in Anderlecht, you understand, just not that in this country there is first a binding, the advice given is to quit, and then a working group has been established to take care of how to stop it should be done. That can hardly be, according to them, the logic of our system. It’s easy to say that the group is already a European ticket can be split, but that is how it will look like in practice? What if the cup final between Club Brugge and royal Antwerp has not been played out? Who will get the ticket to the group stage of the Europa League?

Another element of the players to miss out and now a lot of games where you have a lot of wedstrijdpremies were able to make. Now take them at an early stage, the chance for that money to get it. What if one is a football player filing a complaint against it with the Pro League due to the banned from their profession? Now, of course, as any right-thinking person knows that the coronacrisis can’t play football in. But such a scenario is not inconceivable, as the ball will still roll out in other countries.


as of The financial difficulty that Anderlecht are trying, of course, is to prevent that players which guarantees to want to be at the technical level of unemployment in may and June will still have to pay for it, while they do not perform. But Verschueren is best to have some arguments to present to his contacts with the union and are thus in a key role in this maneuver.

this doesn’t Work, then it takes no doubt of the need to make this summer a hint as to Albert Sambi Lokonga to sell it. Only it will be months of no football due to the coronacrisis may also have a negative impact on transfer fees that are offered are going to be.

for More about RSC Anderlecht, Sevilla, wi-Anderlecht-hint Sambi Lokonga Anderlecht and calls upon the players to pay for in a group and to accept and Anderlecht doesn’t want to respond to the cessation of competition, and looks at CHANCE: they come to the rescue? The Anderlecht-defender Derrick Luckassen understand, the Belgian said, “it’s unfortunate, but in Bruges is the rightful champion,”