It took blood, sweat, and tears, but Anderlecht has with his players, almost to a final agreement in order to pay for the april delivery. The most reluctant of players are still not in favour of the idea at a distance of 1/12th of their tekengeld, but they feel that he is still makes no sense.

now That the players are abroad, a large part to play, and has them convinced that the new contract loonsafstand to accept it. If the RSCA additional measures (be sure to read the technical rate of unemployment), then the players have a way to compensate for the salarisverlies at the end of april. Now, there’s no doubt about it.

for More about RSC Anderlecht and first graders to try out new methods to make the coronasleur to break out of the Smaller clubs are following Anderlecht, are not (directly) and to choose other forms of solidarity : “take care not to a European, money, herverdeel of the tv money,” there are five cases for the license, If as a new name for the Club Brugge can see merit in the proposal Anderlecht): “the Courageous decision”