Irina Korchevna, the owner of fabric stores, Primorsky Krai:

– Tax deferral is the complacency of its inventors. When it will end, business will have to take off the last to pay taxes, or even to close the case. After all, to pay deferred taxes, need a place to earn money and how to earn them, if the stores here already a month and a half closed. I like the sound of lower taxes on income. Thanks, but income is not!

in addition, we have nerazvorotlivy banking. Even two weeks after the announcement of the opportunity to take a wage credit (although not going to, just afraid of another bondage) in the Bank the answer is that that’s just what has been given instructions and they still did not understand.

And I think that in the circumstances it is impossible to divide the business on the victim and not. From the closing of borders and isolation affects all industry, and assistance is needed all without exception! By the way, we here with the girls wondering: fabric, probably not the first that will rush to buy the people after isolation, and on the other hand, the market for light clothing paskudne, spring delivery was a little, maybe start someone stitching.

Vitaliy Abedin, Chairman of the coordination Council for entrepreneurship under the head of Yakutsk:

is Actually declared support designed for a very small percentage of entrepreneurs. Even a fraction of a percent. We calculated that if you divide the allocated Federal funds to all entrepreneurs of the Republic, out of 734 rubles. It is clear that someone has received a more substantial amount, will have to provide aid selectively, and the majority remain behind. The government of the Republic allocated to support small and medium businesses 1.4 billion. But a billion is tax benefits, and it is unclear how they calculated. While in Yakutsk to benefits on the imputed income can claim at least seven percent of the entrepreneurs, as trade (small business), it does not apply. Another 400 million rubles went for capitalization of a regional Fund to support entrepreneurship. The Fund has reported recently that 17 provided soft loans and approved 101 applications for other types of assistance. This is a drop in the bucket.

Andrei Chernyshev, owner of commercial property, Khabarovsk:

– rent two large rooms in Khabarovsk. They were always in demand: they are shooting a commercial firm for offices, manicurists, teachers, psychologists, even a small fabric store was. Because of the pandemic, about one third of the tenants abandoned the premises, all the rest, I made concessions. Big discounts did and provided some respite. Previously, one square meter cost 1,200 rubles, now reduced to 500-600. While I have no preference no, nalogi estate and the payment of communal has not been canceled, and the lease payments is the only source of income for my family.

Liliya Butenko, Director of the beauty salon, Vladivostok:

I Got 12 people and we sat around in the period of holidays just over two weeks. Luckily, in Primorye allowed to work in hairdressing and beauty salons before other domestic industries. We have purchased sanitizers and masks, made a schedule of visits to clients with a 20-minute pause that gave them mask themselves wore, ventilate the room. In short, have tried to claim to us, no checking, no clients. Salary for April was released less than in March, but the team does not grumble, understand the peculiarity of the situation. I, as an entrepreneur, a hundred times already crossed that I don’t have to mess with the banks and take loans nor salary, nor for anything else. But colleagues say that it’s easier to fire employees than to incur costs at a time when companies are deprived of the opportunity to work. Loans to support employment called ineffective and some are even bonded.

Maxim Shamaev, entrepreneur in the sphere of land relations, Yakutsk:

I kept 100 percent of the team, because it’s the people on the street will not find. Moreover, printed “pods” and moved everyone with the payment for elaboration on salary – what is generation if all cost? I have fulfilled all the conditions declared by the state. And it seems to be entitled to the payment of the minimum wage, designed for the salary people. But then I read that this support is put only for certain particularly affected areas. And I don’t get. Really provided exemption can be considered only a 15 percent reduction of funds in the accounting program have received an update. But under the tax benefits again, I don’t fall as the victim is not particularly from the point of view of the officials. Even if that were the case, I lose a huge number of customers who will not be long before the registration of land. The virus leaves me without work, and the benefits are not entitled. I do not understand.

Alina carpenter, owner of the clothing boutique, Khabarovsk:

– To ad-working days of the case, in General, went well. In February, it received a large consignment of clothes for spring, but we did not manage to sell off 30% of its. I still owe the supplier of 70 thousand rubles. And even rent! Yes, the owners of the premises did a good discount and allowed to postpone payments, but still I have to find somewhere at least 40 thousand in two months. Perhaps we will be allowed to return to work in June, but how to do it, no idea. Need to book a summer party, but I still have not paid for the spring. One solution is to take ��redit, but I doubt very much that they will cope now with my monthly payments.

In the state I have one employee. We worked on the line. I applied to receive the minimum wage before the may holidays, a registered letter sent together with Bank account details to the tax. Now, we wait. Of course, 12 thousand rubles – is better than nothing, but it’s only for “maintenance of trousers” me and my employee. I the village yesterday, thought I already 250 thousand rubles in lost revenue.

Denis L., owner of the garage:

– and I did not closed your business, you do not write my name and where we are. So it turned out. At the end of March we had three cars for repairs. Leave them not to work? And who will the workshop be protected? And the owners of cars they need. Had no difficulty to find parts. Large shops and market were not working, but you can order online or simply call, and then call to pick up. In April we took in for repair several cars. In the present days we allowed ourselves only the may holidays. So I have another problem: in April, we made money, and now have to catch up over the first decade of may.