2019 White house reported receiving more than 16 thousand complaints against online censorship in social networks on the basis of political views. They need to add about a dozen complaints of the trump. The closer the date of the presidential election in USA (3 Nov. – Ed.) and more obvious that the current us leader can afford to lose they lose, the more aggressive behave Internet companies. They understand that until 3 November to implement its threat, as, for example, to close the “Twitter”, trump will not. The head of the White house, that the first day of the presidency, actively used social media to communicate with voters, was held hostage by high technologies. And now, the owners of Silicon valley decide what should and what should not say the U.S. President.

Although in practice the situation is even more disastrous, as the Internet giants, in turn, became hostage to the views of their hired staff. Less than a month ago, the newspaper “new York times” reported about the virtual strike on Facebook. Very indicative of the reason why his staff left the office. According to American publication, the protesters demanded from his employer, so he tightened the policy of the social network in relation to the posts trump public interest concerns.

on 30 July in the house of representatives held hearings with the participation of top officials of the five technology Internet giants USA. Congressmen from the Republican party claimed that these companies “have the motive and opportunity to abuse power in the sphere of access to information and markets”. But Vaska, as you know, “listens Yes eats”. Just a week after hearing this Thursday “Facebook” for the first time, trump deleted the post where he cited a passage from his interview to TV channel “Fox news”. In it the President expressed the view that children have almost complete immunity to coronavirus and there is therefore no reason not to resume in the autumn classes in schools. The social network explained unfriendly step mismatch made by trump’s statements by “Facebook” line against the pandemic. Based on this purely internal, corporate document opinion of the head of the White house, though controversial, it was considered harmful and dangerous to society.

Example “older Internet brother” immediately followed by “Twitter”. There’s no unnecessary sentimentality blocked the account of the election campaign until, until he will remove the entry which refers to the immunity of the children to the coronavirus. Just because the leadership of Twitter in this respect a different opinion. In the end, the electoral headquarters of the trump nothing remained but to obey and erase the material which the social network considered inconsistent with the truth. And if the above Twitter periodically tagged record tramp with a special icon, as unreliable (what happened, say, in relation to tweet the White house about the dangers of voting by mail. – Ed.) now it came to blocking the account.

Taken by trump’s attempt to intimidate the corporations of Silicon valley, traditionally drawn on the views of his liberal opponents, failed and only strengthened the existing opposition. In late may, the President signed a decree “On prevention of online censorship”, where he tried to reduce posted the moderation in social networks information. But it seems the decree only provoke opponents trump, who are increasing pressure on the President and his supporters. The American leader was at a distinct disadvantage. The lack of transparency and outright vagueness of the current criteria are unacceptable for social networks publications allows their employees the discretion to engage in political censorship. And to deprive the word of any user whose opinion does not coincide with the position of U.S. Internet companies. Including the President of the United States.