Anatoly Kryuchkovsky: We shared last speck

harsh you are, the climate of the Okhotsk

for the third day of the hurricane.

Stands at the helm himself Kryuchkovskogo,

leisure – Ivan Fedotov.

Element roaring continued –

And the Quiet noise of the ocean.

Ziganshin stood at the helm

And his eyes never closed.

more severe, terrible hardships,

No boats are seen, no evil,

And accepted the

And have started boots.

From the song of Vladimir Vysotsky words can not erase. Boots on the barge T-36 started eating, when I finished all the scarcity.

In the ocean storm. Drawing of artists and Gorpenko Denisov from the Studio to them. Grekova. Photo: RIA Novostimoscow call

Anatoly Kryuchkovsky in January celebrated the 80-th anniversary. Behind him, several surgeries, a pacemaker in the heart, but a former sailor tries to stay strong. Wife died several years ago. A veteran lives in a spacious visit with her daughter Tatiana and son-in-law. It’s hard for him to talk, the phone tries to answer. “Well, what am I hero, all a thousand times told…”

to Talk with his father helped Tatiana.

Askhat Ziganshin: Raw truth about the drift of the barge “T-36” across the Pacific

– I remember seeing the army. I was called in August 1958, from the village of Turbiv, Vinnytsia region. It was hot in the club, a lot of people, everyone was cheering, words of encouragement said. My parents are ordinary people, life in a sugar mill I worked, the father was killed in the war. And I’m young so daring – anywhere other than our village was not. So glad neskazannoOh, when it is determined in the far East.

Kryuchkovskogo, served in the military in the Kuril island of Iturup. Here 17 January 1960 and began a 49-day drama, when a barge with four soldiers tore off from the dock and carried to the Pacific ocean (“homeland” described their misadventures in an interview with Askhat Ziganshin, N3, 2015). Askhat at the time was a Junior Sergeant, the rest privates. Oldest he took command.

– On the second or third day became extremely anxious, continues Kryuchkovsky. – We were practically without food and fresh water. Fatigued, and the waves and the hurricane did not give rest. Threw us as if from the pit into the pit. Here still came across tucked in the cockpit Red star, where it was said: these days just in the area where we presumably were, had to go through military trials. That’s when we overcome fear we can not look for another month, yet will last the test.

Gift for birthday

Usually on the barge had a supply of food for 10 days – tea, sugar, condensed milk, canned meat, potatoes, crackers. But the T-36 was already preparing for the winter, all the products were taken to the barracks. Left at least for lunch four soldiers trailing. A loaf of bread, a jar of grease, a few cans of cereal and half a bucket of potatoes.

– the Potatoes during the storm in the hold scattered, it was covered in fuel oil – the first days I thought that we wouldn’t eat it. But on the fourth or fifth day useful, – says Anatoly. Water poured initially out of the cooling system, then began to collect rainwater. Tried to boil the sea, but after eating it thirsty even more.

When I finished the bread and cereals, began to divide the potatoes in half every day and a few SIPS of water.

– I January 27 was the birthday. The guys congratulated and allowed to drink two extra drink of water and eat a quarter of a potato.

the 21-year-old birthday gift refused.

the food supplies with grief in half, managed stretch to 35 days. Then started to look for options. Fish in the sea to the hook of the nail is caught not wanted. Ziganshin suggested to weld a strap of leather hours.

– Cooked long in salt water, then cut with a penknife on the strips, like pasta. Chewed for a long time, it created the illusion of saturation. Then it was time for belts of trousers, and then boots. As it turned out, they were the most difficult to chew. Cut off a piece, put on the stove, which was stoked by the tyres, where it is slightly softened, then smeared with grease to swallow. Lucky belts and boots were leather…

the Soviet soldiers, drifting on a barge from 17 January to 7 March 1960 (left to right): Askhat Ziganshin, Philip Poplavsky, Anatoly Kryuchkovsky, Ivan Fedotov. Photo: RIA Novostizenit the Dnieper, Volga, Amur

Four of the boys were from a generation that survived war and the hardships of the postwar years. From childhood knew what hunger is . And what is true friendship.

– Phillip Poplavsky countrymen, he is from Kozyatin in Vinnytsia region. Together were called together, went to Chita, then three days sailed to Sakhalin in the road anything can happen. Askhat from Kuibyshev region, the van from the Far East – too simple guys, many of which survived. So we shared the last speck, fought for life together. It’s probably saved us.

Saved and permanent employment. We had to constantly bail out coming in the bilge water. It was necessary to carry twenty-four-hour watch – a sudden glimpse in the ocean a ship.

– there was neither the time nor the desire to cry, to shout, to get angry or feel sorry for myself. Thoughts about death none of us do not admit they are all young, strong and healthy guys. Much credit for this Askhat – he was the commander, and behaved in a fatherly way. Somehow , cook boots, joked: “let’s imagine that this is the meat of the first grade”. Stiff upper lip kept the van, had a pregnant wife.

Photo: RIA Novosti Died Askhat Ziganshin, one of the heroes of unprecedented drift of the barge “T-36”

On the 49th day they were noticed by the Americans. Overhead circled planes. To half the barge approached the aircraft carrier “Kearsarge.” Ziganshin up on the Board, to the amazement of the rescuers asked for fuel and food, to independently continue the voyage.

After the T-36 was still one uneaten boots and poljanica water with rust.

Each of the crew lost weight 20 to 30 pounds.

– Before going home at the Embassy we were given $ 100. I bought a jacket and a watch for his girl. Guys, perfume, coats, flashlights, pens. And the Americans on the road gave us a bottle of whisky, – says Anatoly.

the Latest hi commander

homeland met their heroes with the orchestra. Four boys were awarded the order the red Star. All four of us were invited after the service to study at Lomonosov nautical school of the Navy in Leningrad. Ziganshin, Poplavsky Kryuchkovsky and agreed. Fedotov gave up the career of a sailor, his son was born, and he decided to devote himself to the family.

After the naval school Ziganshin and Poplawski left in Leningrad. And Anatoly Kryuchkovsky got distribution in new York city, but served the ship’s mechanic only six months. The doctor advised him to change climate, and in 1964, he returned home. Married. Housing in Kiev helped the then Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Sidor Kovpak.

He asked: what do you need? Nowhere to live, they say. Well, he ordered to allocate the apartment.

the Veteran often talked and written off with all the native crew T-36. But Ivan Fedotov died in 1999, Phillip Poplavsky in 2003, Askhat Ziganshin, in 2017. Latest hi commander – number of “Motherland” interview with Askhat – Anatoly Fedorovich managed to hold in the hands.

“Dad never leaves food on the plate, – said Tatiana, when we were saying goodbye. And the bread he had a special relationship. If the bread had it while out on the street are always fed in the yard of stray dogs”.

“birthplace” wishes You health, Anatoly!