Outrageous ballerina said that she decided to leave the capital and settle in the “warm” city of Astrakhan.

Anastasia laid out in instagram your photo, where she is depicted on the promenade along the Volga embankment. The ballerina is dressed in a bright summer dress-Maxi dresses in the colors.

In a city on the Volga Volochkova came to solve some problems with their property.

Anastasia a couple of years ago bought 22 apartments in a newly built residential complex. According to media reports, the cost of square meters – about 55 million rubles, reports Channel 5.

“I’m moving to live in Astrakhan. This is indeed the case. As soon as my apartment will be repaired, everything will be fine. Look, what a beauty! So we are going to be neighbors now. Astrakhan — a wonderfully warm city, so many smiling faces!”, – posted by socialite in the microblog.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, Anastasia continues to impress the audience with intricate outfits.

At this time, the inhabitants of Astrakhan, where he arrived the flamboyant dancer on judicial Affairs, could see Anastasia in sandals on a high platform, a light sundress with thigh-high slit, and a fur Cape on his shoulders.

Publish from Anastasia (@volochkova_art) 19 Jun 2020 7:03 PDT