After Anastasia and her family survived that day, when I learned about the terrible diagnosis of Actresses, their lives changed dramatically. The family is trying to protect Cindy from any unrest and to protect from the heartless of the press wishing to get at least a tiny piece of information or to make a photo Nastya and reveal the terrible secrets of the whole of Russia. In the close environment of the actress, it was rumored that Anastasia had changed and no longer similar to the striking young beauty, which was before the beginning of the disease.

“they don’t Change the look, condition and color of the skin,” shared theatrical producer Valery Sergeev.

Of course, because Zavorotnyuk has experienced a powerful course of chemotherapy.

“Yes, she has changed a lot. You saw a photo of a sick Zhanna Friske in a wheelchair? Here something similar is happening now, alas,” says one of the doctors involved in the treatment of Nastia.

However, music producer Olesya Sazykina did not “poke a finger” in appearance the patient is a celebrity, but only with a smile encouraging her.


“Zavorotniuk does not give up and believes in the best. Help her family and father, whom she calls up almost every day,” said Sazykin.