Analysts have calculated new date the Victory parade

Vladimir Putin was not named, when it will be abolished on 9 may parade and other events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory, however, by circumstantial evidence, we can assume that the Kremlin is inclined by 3 September.

At the security Council meeting the President reported that he had taken the decision to postpone the parade and to defer all mass public events that were planned in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. According to him, this is due to the epidemic of coronavirus, the peak of which has not yet passed, and unwillingness to compromise the health of the people. “And the date of may 9 for us is sacred, and every human life is priceless,” Putin said, not hiding the fact that it was a difficult choice.

the President instructed the defense Ministry and authorities at all levels to change the schedule and to postpone the preparations for the military parade on the red square and the parades in the regions. And participants of the action “Immortal regiment” asked may 9 to celebrate their heroes in the family. “We were forced to retreat to the threat faced. And then, be sure to conduct all scheduled for may 9 event,” Putin said.

According to him, it will happen in 2020, the current year, the Year of memory and glory. And, although the exact date and even month of GDP is not called on a number of indirect signs it is possible to assume that the authorities intend to wait until the fall.

first, the summer vacation season and the 24th of June, when there was the famous parade of the winners of 1945, many inhabitants of large cities will go to the garden. And children will be on vacation in the camps and in other places. This means that the action “Immortal regiment” may not be a mass which would have to be on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

in addition, the Kremlin was invited to the celebrations of world leaders. One of them is ready to arrive to Moscow in June – the big question. At least the EU has already declared that the struggle with residual effects of the epidemic of the coronavirus could last until mid-summer and even autumn, and until it ends, the external borders of the Union will remain closed.

do Not forget that June 24 is a normal working day, not a memorable date. And decisions on how to make it output has not been taken yet. But the deputies of the state Duma urgently moved the Day of the end of world war II on September 2 on the 3rd.

the parliamentarians a clear explanation of their actions is not presented. (The explanatory Memorandum States that this date “symbolizes the transition from war to peace, the search for ways of peaceful coexistence and cooperation”) And the Kremlin declined to comment. However, if we assume that the authorities decided to postpone the festive events with the participation of world leaders prior to the fall, all falls into place.

on 2 September was signed the instrument of surrender of Japan, and it’s not a very pleasant date for Shinzo Abe, which��wow Vladimir Putin was invited to Moscow for the parade. In addition, on 2 September the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II will be celebrated in the United States. Perhaps the Kremlin wants to avoid hits.

Indirectly, in favor of September 3, evidenced by the telephone conversation of Vladimir Putin with President of China XI Jinping held before the President announced the postponement of the celebrations. The fact that the GDP has already agreed to visit the 3 September anniversary parade in Beijing, and now found it necessary to warn the other si about the changed plans.

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