She was born in Day of protection of children, and this sign. Not a random man, who revealed on 1 June in the light of God, marked something of a child until the end of his days. Like Eugene Simon, who on the first day of the first summer month birthday. Date decent, but Jack was, and left the stamp of childhood, and we are shocked and bewildered — how with these childish terms, in nature, playing drama, or even tragedy adult women, respectable ladies? And just like that, and this is its miracle. Common, if you remember the immortal film by Mark Zakharov, the same tale for all seasons by Eugene Schwartz. Where Eugene Simon is a Princess. Open, trusting, gentle, a little naive and charming-fun-loving.

Between them really can safely put an equal sign: Simonov, Princess, fairy tale character = a real artist. It happens? Extremely rare, the exception rather the rule, but the rule confirmed. However, this identity does not mean that the role she is given once or twice. Evgenia looking for the essence of the characters, suffering, maybe before the premiere and not even sleeping, just anybody can’t come to think about it. Because all of her characters — cinematic or theatrical — so real, as if no game in them, but there is just life. Life, say, of the great Patriotic war (Mary, “go To fight some old people”), life in the Moscow of the 50s (Lika, “Moscow choir”), in Norway the last century (Susanna, “Susanna”) or in Russia at the beginning of the past (Sophia Tolstaya, “the Theatrical novel”). And in new York, where one of her Tamara, the cheated wife (“Enemies. Love story”), and the other Tamara, but from postbleaching of Leningrad. And each of these women are very different, sure there are some inexplicable, like breathing, really. That’s just the truth no need to explain — otherwise it is not truth, but something else that often can be seen on stage and screen.

And the truth about Eugene Simonov is that she’s an Actress. Without it indispensable now weighting fashionable, iconic, media star, with hundreds of thousands of followers on different pages, with likes, views and comments. Such backup really for the weak or greedy. But they for Eugenia quite unnecessarily, because she’s an Actress by the grace of God, and is the highest rank, which will remain in history of theatre art, where her name is written in beautiful, perfect handwriting, only from time to time through new works, awards, victories.

And there is another truth related to or arising from the foregoing, the professionalism of the actress, but still more valuable than him. It is the dignity with which it exists in this difficult profession, which goes through life. Quietly, without fuss, without a story — the subject of General discussion. I would say with shyness, not befitting the actress of her status and more suitable debutante. But this advantage is the very rare sample, which were only a few of our outstanding Actresses — Julia Borisova, Vera Vasilyeva, Alisa Freundlich, Natalia Tenyakova. In their series on the rights of the younger sister Evgenia Simonova. Years open, located to people, gentle, a little naive. And this is its miracle. Common, if you remember the immortal film by Mark Zakharov, the same tale for all seasons by Eugene Schwartz.