the Young Star, and the association for the Dutch-language Brussels-based general practitioners who are a couple years out of school are, in particular, the system of the ziektebriefjes in an open letter to the minister of public Health, Wouter Beke (CD&V), flemish minister of public Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD), the employers ‘ organisations and the european parliament. They will ask you during the coronacrisis a suspension of the ziektebriefjesregels and in the wake of the crisis, even with the removal of the ziektebriefjes for up to three days. The association is collected in a day’s time and in his own words, the signatures of more than 1,600 physicians.

According to the Young Star are, a lot of young doctors, especially in the coronatijden, frustrated at the unnecessary paperwork. The system of the ziektebriefjes is sick”, what it sounds like. At the end of the day, the ink from our stamp on them, and we are going to dull it to the house. We are however, not as much as the passion of this occupation disrupted? “

“for years, there are talks about the abolition of the ziektebriefjes, but above all the employers ‘ organisations were against. It is a system of ziektebriefjes for the first day of absence, it is almost unique in Europe, and out of the box, hundreds of millions of useless expenditures by the RIZIV / inami. In addition, to avoid paying the employers ‘ responsibility to schijnzieken their staff members, on the track, you hear the sound of it.

as of The date of the average general practitioner is, therefore, according to the Young Star for a large part of the preparation of the ongeschiktheidsattesten for trivial things. “But, at times, of corona, we feel that it is twice as hard.(…) To buy the crap from the ziektebriefjes for up to three days. (…) Meaningless certifications, and red tape impede our delivery of care and the harm to the patients who really need it.”

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to be EXPLAINED. In this way, it allows a doctor to determine whether you have the corona virus will have:

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