An officer who confessed in the explosion at the military Academy, needed psychiatric help

the Psychiatric examination revealed “some abnormalities,” the Professor of St. Petersburg Military space Academy named after Mozhaisky Colonel Rifat Zakirova, the victim a year ago in bomb disposal, which, according to his confession, he himself brought it.

According to “Kommersant”, a mental disorder happened Zakirova before the examination, when he was under house arrest. The officer was treated and examined, after which he returned home, where it will remain until the completion of the investigation, the newspaper said. He fully admitted his guilt and apologized to the other affected teachers of the Academy.

the Publication writes that Zakirov was treated for some time in one of the specialized clinics of St. Petersburg “special type”, and then he was transferred to the city psychiatric hospital for a complex stationary psihologo-psychiatric judicial examination.

According to the newspaper’s source in the power structures, have Zakirova has long been a health problem: he received several contusions in the hot spots before the explosion at the Academy, and the new injury aggravated his condition. Because of this, he now occasionally have to undergo specialized treatment.

According to the companion publication, the outcome of the investigation officer is likely to again go for treatment in a psychiatric hospital, and before the court he will appear only after his condition finally stabiliziruemost.

the Explosion in Academy of a name Mozhaisk occurred on 2 April 2019. Zakirov, former combatants, holder of the order of Courage, medals “For courage” and the medal “For clearance” was the first to notice a suspicious package, looked into it, found inside a cell phone with wires and raised the alarm.

He organized the evacuation of students and teachers from the danger zone, and he, dressed in a flak jacket and helmet, went to the mine. Sapper managed to put the package under the stairsicny span and cover his second armor, but at this moment the explosion occurred. In addition Zakirova, wounds and contusions received another four people, but Zakirov received the most serious of a tram.

Officially, the details of the case were not disclosed, but the most common version, the officer hoped to use heroic bomb disposal to a new apartment and thus solve the housing problems of his family. Spouse Zakirova from the beginning wrote about this to the investigators that the officer tried under pressure to obtain confessions.

it became known Later that Zakirov wrote a confession and gave details of where and under what circumstances collected components for a bomb. Zakirov accused of committing four grave crimes: the theft of explosives with the use of official position, illegal possession and movement of, illegal manufacture of bombs and the violation of rules of handling of explosives, which negligently caused grave consequences (paragraph “C” of part 3 of article 226, part 1 of article 222.1, part 1 of article 223.1 and part 1 of article 349 of the criminal code).

Given the explosion injured, and the recognition of guilt and of merit for the Motherland, the investigation asked for Zakirova house arrest. He also continues to undergo military service under contract to the Academy named after Mozhaisky. At the same time, the investigation considers that no restrictive measures Zakirov can exert pressure on witnesses and victims or to escape to relatives in Uzbekistan.