An Italian journalist has accused Europe and the United States in the indifference

Photo: AP Photo/Carlos Gil Italy has overtaken China in the number of deaths from the coronavirus

Here are some quotes from his address:

Thank you Makron, dear Madam Merkel! Thank you for leave us when we need help! Thank you, that did not give us the opportunity to buy ordinary masks and other medical supplies to combat the spread of the virus.

And you know that we are for them you have already paid for? We – the Italians, dirty, noisy, unruly, cheerful, folk, the poor and sometimes the mafia. But we are also those who have built roads, schools, taught you the alphabet that you use today.

We explained to you the laws and regulations, explained the state model and contributed to the creation of a legal state.

Photo: REUTERS/BRENDAN MCDERMID who: More than 24 thousand people in the world per day contracted the coronavirus

we – the Italians, who gave you the art and culture upon which our civilization and yours, gave you the ultimate expression of beauty, harmony, balance, has ever reached the people. It is we, the Italians, who first gave you civilization, which you then destroyed, tightening the world in the middle ages, and then when we managed to renew and revive, once again we gave you the world civilization, art, geographyafiu, the economy and education.

Also, you Mr. trump and you Mr. Johnson, thank you, that isolated us instead of help. I remind you, Mr. trump, if not Italian, to the land of your ancestors, you would now be starving and would not be in America a rich man, and wouldn’t even eat potatoes because you never would without the Italian of a daredevil, who sailed to the unknown.

You, Mr. Johnson, I want to remind you that the success and wealth of your nation is based on the flag that we have allowed you to lift on your vehicles to avoid attacks by pirates. We are talking about the Cross of St. George provided the Genoese Republic, without which you would have been destroyed by the Saracens. We teach you navigation and you well succeeded!

You have destroyed the poor Greece, its financial policy you tried to do something similar with Italy, but so far you have failed. And now, perhaps, you decided to use the opportunity to strike the final blow, but your blind selfishness is not calculated that the virus has no borders, it will hit everyone for you, too!