Paul Priluchny/Miroslava Karpovich.

a novel 32-year-old Paul Priluchnogo and 34-summer Miroslava Karpovich is cluttered with new details. So, one of colleagues of the actor playing together with him and the star of the series “father’s daughter” in performance “Cosmetics of the enemy”, described how the relationship began the couple.

First, Paul Miroslav annoying. No wonder she’s constantly creating squabbles in the company. But she repeatedly tried to establish Paul contact. The glass of wine he can bring in the break, over the shoulder hug. What came out of it, now I know everything

— said the insider edition of “7 days”.

According to him, the first Priluchny wanted to take Karpovich from the play, but changed his mind when she changed her behavior.

Began such a typical girl stuff: flirtatious laughter, the rolling of eyes… And Paul suddenly began to look at the girl quite differently. As has bewitched,

says the source.

In late February it became known that Priluchny divorcing Agatha muceniece. In April she published a series of videos in the account of his mother, whose tears told about domestic violence by husband and his alcoholism during the period of self-isolation.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

the Actor was briefly one. Four months later, the network appeared photos, which with him was sealed by the star “Daddy’s daughters”. Immediately there were rumors about their romance, but the stars themselves have declined to comment. In early July, they officially confirmed their relationship.

Now the star couple along with the children of Paul rests in Crimea. It also became known that shortly before the holiday, Miroslav moved to the country house of Paul in the suburbs, where he stayed after the divorce.