Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton

next week will release a book “In search of freedom: Harry, Megan and the creation of a modern Royal family”, which has long been the press writes. According to published excerpts and reviews of insiders, the world is waiting for the next portion of revelations about the confrontations in the British Royal family. Rumors about the conflict between the sons of Prince Charles and their wives continue to mount.

the Edition of Us Weekly, citing his insider reported in a recent issue of that 35-year-old Prince Harry “felt spare” next to 38-year-old Prince William and Kate Middleton. And this life in the shadow of a brother who should inherit the throne after his father, allegedly did not like Harry.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middletonwas a huge jealousy and struggle for power on the part of Harry. All eyes were on the future king and his wife. Queen Elizabeth II and her assistants spent a lot of time and efforts on Duchess Kate for her future roles. Harry felt completely deprived. When Kate became a prominent figure in the Royal family, Harry was angry, — quoted his source edition.

Another insider says that tension between Harry, William and Kate appeared before the emergence of Meghan Markle on the horizon: Harry met her five years after the wedding of his brother.

If you believe the story of the upcoming books, that William was not satisfied that the relationship of Harry and Megan are moving fast. br>William more calm and considerate, and Harry much taken to heart, — according to its authors.

According to Us Weekly, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have denied any involvement in the creation of this book, although earlier there were press reports that the authors used next to a pair of sources. As for the reaction of Prince William for the forthcoming release, he displeased them.

William believes that the book is a prudent way Megan and Harry to control the story. It seems that they have used their new contacts to put himself in a favourable light. Before beginning work on the book, the enmity between William and Harry were obvious. But everything took a whole new turn, said the insider.