To the best of the web, Dan Stuglik, and Amy Simonson in the Us in Michigan have had their wedding planned by more than 150 people. The coronacrisis will be, a party, unfortunately, tomorrow is not the way to proceed. In order to do a little social and are surrounded on their big day, and more than a hundred cardboard cut-out silhouettes standing in the church.

Also, there should be anyone in this room” to continue. The wedding of Dan Stuglik, and Amy Simonson won tomorrow, without the public need to take place. At the request of the groom, donated by a packaging company for more than a hundred cardboard stand-ins, who will be the family and friends of the couple have to propose. Young, old, short, tall, long hair, short hair on all the human forms of thought.

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Dan Stuglik, an agent of the occupation, the company will be eternally grateful for the comforting treat for his bride to be. “Is that her wedding day fell into the water, it was painful for her, but this will be a bit of a relief,” said Stuglik.