Nearly a year after attempted attacks on the party headquarters of the SPD and CDU in Berlin the Amtsgericht Tiergarten has sentenced a 59-year-old man to 20 months in prison on probation. The court found the confessed accused of attempted arson in coincidence with the attempted establishment of a explosives, explosion, property damage and Pretending to be a criminal Offence for guilty. The judgment is not yet final.

According to a court spokesperson, the not-yet-convicted defendant admitted in the one-day procedure, the allegations of the Prosecutor’s office. As a motive he claimed that he had been selected by the office for statistics Berlin-Brandenburg for the surveys of the microcensus. The questions had been too intimate, he had “felt exposed, I didn’t want to be a glass man,” said the spokeswoman.

W. had gone on Christmas eve of 2017, with his car in the Willy-Brandt-Haus, the SPD. In doing so, he caused property damage in the amount of 160,000 euros. In the trunk of his car, gas cylinders, cans of gasoline and a burning kerosene lamp were deposited. W. is said to have planned to die in the exploding car. The car began to burn in fact, the sprinkler system prevented a greater harm.

Prior to that, W. to gas is already at the Konrad Adenauer house is the CDU a sports bag with an ignition device, including, have deposited. The igniter should he have fired to give the impression that the igniter didn’t work randomly.

W. spokeswoman said, according to the Court, to have been aware of the Christmas eve elected to the party Central not human and he is not Uninvolved.

deeds not more explicable

W. wanted to put, therefore, for this reason, a character and take his own life. He didn’t want to take the office, but the policy. For this, he had chosen the CDU and the SPD as targets. Today he could not explain his actions, said W. of the speaker, according to his confession.

dealing with the office was at the time already. After W. had not initially answered the questions and after several reminders and even a penalty had to be paid, he answered the questions of the microcensus in the end and got the penalty refunded. He didn’t want to divorce in peace and life, W. of the speaker, as to the reasons why he took part, however, the microcensus.