A fembenet green træfrø, who is recovering from a very delicate amputation in the australian state of Queensland, have been trapped in the country’s travel restrictions because of coronavirussen.

The green træfrø was found on the australian east coast out of Mackay, and was sent north to the town of Mission Beach in order to get operated the extra leg away.

But according to Deborah Pergolotti, founder of the organization Frog Safe, it is not as easy as you think to put the frog back to the findestedet by regulations of Queensland prescribe.

For people are now being ordered to be in the neighborhood and not take on any journey that can not be postponed. It has been impossible for Deborah Pergolotti to find someone who is willing to travel with the frog in the well the 600 kilometers back to Mackay.

“The only reason to put the frog in Mackay is that the Queensland government wants it,” says ms Pergolotti to the australian news agency AAP.

Pergolotti says that the benamputerede seeds probably will get a fine home in her wildlife park south of the city of Cairns. But it requires that the government of Queensland slacking off on the requirements.

the Surgeons found out that instead of a leg grew two legs out in the same place at the small animal’s chest. It is a deformity, she has seen many times before.

the Deformities in the frogs began in earnest, as neonikotinoider (pesticides that chemically reminiscent of nicotine, the severity was taken into use in the late 1990’s.

These pesticides have been banned by the EU because of the serious danger they pose to the bees.

The australian authorities are currently considering whether it should continue to be allowed to use those poisons.