With his Death Metal Band Amon Amarth conquered Johan Hegg (46) the whole world. On the stage the Swede is like as a warlike Vikings, a private of the giant of a man but also surprisingly quiet pages.

Amarth in the case of the Swiss as well?
Johan Hegg : We love Switzerland. On each of our tours, we make sure that we look at least once you over. I can’t tell you but, why don’t we arrive at all for anyone. This is actually a mystery to us. We make music for ourselves, that you like but also to other people, is our great happiness. Maybe it’s the special connection that the Swiss and the Swedes. Because every Time when I say in America, I am a Swede, my, the, I’m Swiss. I bet, Vice versa it is the same. (laughs)

As we played in 2016 there, we were extremely late. We had to jump on the stage and then immediately back on the Bus. The mountain scenery on the journey to the Festival was incredibly impressive, and we all gazed open-mouthed out of the window. Although the visit was so short, I remember it like it was yesterday.

But of course, again and again. Before, I was constantly hoarse. Today, I warm my vocal cords, but before each Show at least one hour. And I’ve noticed that I sing better when I’m relaxed. That is why I always do a small Yoga Routine, before I go on stage.

I love Yoga! This is the perfect workout for the mind and body.

Not really, my music needs distorted guitars. Atypical for me, as a Death-metal Hard-Rock are perhaps classics such as ZZ Top or Kiss. Although, a few years ago I discovered the Opera for me. I’m listening to in the tour bus now, no arias, but I see the artistic value in this music. This could perhaps surprise a few people.

It is far more convenient. As we were for the first Time on the road, we had not even buses. At the time, we drove in Vans or station wagons through the world and beat us in the small basement clubs in the nights around the ears. Today we play in big halls and enjoy the benefits of a successful Band. But don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of Fun. I could ask of my body today.

My wife and I live on a small Farm. We have no animals, but a large garden. There is always something to do. While I can’t say that I love to pull weeds, but in warm weather it has been a little Relaxing.

It is similar to me as Bruce. Also I used to always fought back with an aching neck. My physical therapist has shown me, but how I can headbang without hurting my back. My tip: You should not bend forward.

“Berserker”, the new Album from Amon Amarth, is available now.