The Council of States whistle on the recommendation of the preparatory Committee. With 22 votes to 18 with one abstention, the Stöckli has decided today, terrorists in the future, even in States in which you torture, or even death threatens to create. Because the national Council has said Yes to the proposal of the CVP national councillor Fabio Regazzi (56), must implement the Federal Council.

The human rights organization Amnesty Switzerland is alarmed. Alleged Swiss jihadists are not going to get back, and those of Switzerland exclusive of monkeys, spokesman for Beat Gerber. “It is apparently ready to throw basic rights overboard to violate international law and to the credibility of Switzerland as a humanitarian state in question. This is a fatal sign.”

Non-Refoulement principle always applies the

The proposal violates clearly the Non-Refoulement principle is not only enshrined in the Federal Constitution, but also in various international conventions. “Each state has to keep in mind. Switzerland, as the guardian of international law”, says Gerber.

The Non-Refoulement principle stipulates that no person may be deported to a state in the torture or other cruel treatment or punishment threatens. It is part of binding international law, which means that it applies universally, even if a state has not signed the Convention, which provides for the prohibition explicitly.

violations of the commandment there is, again and again, Gerber, “especially from Asian and Arab countries that deliver the opposition and critics of repressive Regimes”. In the past few years, cases of Uighurs have been known, for example, the Southeast Asian countries were made to China. And, although it is known that hundreds of thousands of members of the Muslim minority end up in re-education camps.

members of the Schaffhausen IS-cell the threat of torture

The advance of the CVP national Council, Regazzi is meanwhile explicitly to members of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). Other States would have weights in them, the internal security is higher and you have time to get back to Syria or to Iraq, he writes in the grounds for his Motion. Amnesty spokesman Gerber warns: “We know what’s happening with IS-sympathizers in Iraq. There is just number way to IS fighters are sentenced to death. A fair trial is not guaranteed.”

This is the Federal Council aware of it. Minister of justice Keller-Sutter has made the state councillors today, it is clear that the government would do everything possible to create offenders out of the country. Specifically, she referred to the case of the Schaffhausen IS-cell. Its members, five Iraqis, can not be used because of the Non-Refoulement principle. Investigations have revealed that these people “at the Moment, the death penalty and, depending on is the threat of torture,” said Keller-Sutter. A deportation is not possible – “even if it annoys”.