While the press both in and outside of the UNITED states criticizing Donald Trump for his efforts against coronavirussen, is the american electorate really well pleased with their president.

At a news conference late last night stressed Trump, once again, how well it is according to his opinion, going with kæmpelandets combat coronavirussen.

the President pointed out that the country’s two leading political parties, the democrats and the republicans for the first time in years, working close together and are willing to compromise to help.

And a new poll conducted by Gallup shows that 60 percent of americans are satisfied with the president’s positive attitude and his efforts towards coronavirussen.

the Same study shows that 49 percent of the u.s. population is satisfied with the president’s efforts on the whole.

It is so far the best result, since Donald Trump was inserted 20. January 2017.

And Erin Durkin from the media Politico explains:

“I simply believe that many americans are tired of the mutual abuse and dommedagsudsigterne.

“The average american know very well how serious the situation is. And therefore, many find it refreshing that our president insists that there is a light at the end of the crisis.”