Ted Pelkey from the U.S. state of Vermont is angry. The 54-year-old car mechanic, wanted to build on his own plot of land in Westford, a 750-square-meter Garage. Pelkey was tired of driving every day in the remote village of Swanton, where he owns a Truck repair shop. However, his Plan does not work out: The planning application is rejected by the authority because of a variety of conditions are supposedly met.

Pelkey didn’t give up, tried according to his own statements again and again, against the decision to proceed. But again and again his application was rejected. Pelkey does not believe in the unfulfilled requirements, but rather a personal Problem of authority. The whole dispute has been going on for over ten years.

a Whole village, the Statue of

In this autumn Pelkey had enough. He wanted to feel the Westf order authority of his anger. “I’m not hostile to the inhabitants of Westford,” he says clearly in the American media. In a conversation with his wife in a Bar, he comes up with the idea: A middle finger Statue, can see all of the 2000 residents of the village.

And Pelkey puts his Plan into action. He makes good $ 4000 jump and built on his own plot of land the Statue. The Hand with the outstretched middle finger is at the end of 320 kilograms. So you can see them in the night, to brought Pelkey two flood lights and mounted the Statue, five meters above the ground. Even from the highway you can see the new Westf order of interest.

the middle finger is an expression of the freedom of expression

revenge is a success: Several U.S. media have taken up the case, and since this week, he also makes headlines worldwide.

And the authorities can do nothing against the vengeance of the Statue. In Vermont, billboards are banned, but the middle finger falls under the category of “Public art”. Thus, it is an expression of the freedom of expression and must not be removed. Pelkey gloats about it: “This is the most wonderful news I’ve ever heard in my life.” (nim)