the American version of fashion magazine Vogue has published on its website an article on the style of the Ukrainian pop group “VIA Gra”.

Fashion editor Satenstein vine (Liana Satenstein) noted that her favorite era of the band accounts for the period from 2003 to 2007 when the squad was Vera Brezhneva, Nadezhda Meyher, and Anna Sedokova. “The jeans were low rise, the chest was raised, and the body was more open. Everything was covered with rhinestones, furs, clothing was too feminine”, she added.

it is Known that a stylist and a costume designer at the time was Angela Fox, which Brezhnev during an interview for a publication called the sorceress.

“the group was not vulgar and intelligent sexuality. Concert costumes were created right at us. There is almost nothing we bought, and if bought, only shoes. However, we always it altered so she did not resemble its original form,” — said the singer. She added that the group focused on the style of Western artists, but always “brings something different”.

the author of the article praised the outfits of the members of the band “VIA Gra” in music videos. For example, in the video for the song “don’t leave me, beloved”, the women dressed in short dresses and bound with ropes in BDSM style. “The Brezhnev gorgeous French manicure, fur ushanka, a bright orange top with snakeskin print and shiny silver shirt off her bellybutton. First, the images may seem shocking and inappropriate, but in the lyrics they fit: the soloist of fashionable way confused last love,” she comments.

In December 2019 celebrities returned to the fashion trend of the 2000’s. So, Singer Beyonce, supermodel Bella Hadid and businesswoman Kylie Jenner appeared on a beach holiday with the same decoration — a chain around the waist. We know that this accessory has been a fashion item for a music festival Coachella in 2001.