American supercomputers will open for researchers of coronavirus

the Largest technology companies and research institutes in the United States, with the participation of the White house and Department of energy have formed a consortium to help research associated with novel coronavirus infection.

IBM will lead the project coordination to grant access to the computing power of about 330 petaflops. various projects in the field of epidemiology, bio-Informatics and molecular modeling. As writes TechCrunch, the Alliance also includes Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

consortium Members will evaluate the proposals of the researchers, selecting the most promising and providing them access to the resources of supercomputers. According to Director of IBM research Dario Gil, manually required for such studies computing could take years, and the usual computer — months.

Microsoft, in turn, will enhance learning COVID-19 scientists access to the Azure cloud and open them new opportunities for cooperation with data analysts in the company.

Text: To.Hi-tech