“American idol”winner Alphonso Williams (57) is seriously ill. As the family of the singer “image” confirmed, suffers from Williams to prostate cancer. The newspaper reported that the musician is bad.

Williams, who won the talent Show in 2017, shocked his Fans with his latest picture on Instagram. He lies in a hospital bed and a nurse is just to mask his Breath. After three months of silence, his family told Fans of the Ex-“celebrity Big Brother”candidate over the silence.

“Unfortunately, we have to tell you now that he is in nine weeks in the hospital,” they write. Alphonso did not want that his Fans worry about re-the hospital visit, “because it remains serious to him, he wanted to, that we can report it to us in its place with you.” The Doctors would do everything to ensure that the singer is soon better again. The family writes to the conclusion: “Hopefully, we’ll get the next Time with a positive message.”

Doctors detected cancer immediately,

is What Williams ill, was known to the family in the Instagram Post, not initially. To already had to the beginning of the year he will be due to a renal failure emergency surgery. Therefore, it was assumed that there were further problems with the kidneys. Now it is clear: Williams is fighting against cancer. According to the “image” he takes after irradiation chemotherapy. Due to the kidney problems and the associated back pain, the Doctors would not be able to detect the cancer immediately.

In the comments to wish him celebrity friends power. So Cora Schumacher (42) writes: “What are you doing, Big guy? Please become fit again very soon. I think of you!” Cat Berger-mommy Iris Klein (52) says: “I’m sending you much strength and love.” (bnr)