That she has no Problem with nudity, is likely to be a good requirement: Emilija Mihailova (26) works according to their failed “American idol”-participation and a side trip to the “Adam seeks eve” as an Escort Girl. On the mediation page, Cinderella Escorts Free can book the Zurich-born. In addition to information, such as your favorite perfume, your favorite food is, among other things, that she has fake Breasts and is available worldwide.

you want to. your sugar daddy will not replace

But your new job means that she depends on her singing career “I would like to own music. I need a lot of money. I had now for a year, a Sugar-Daddy who has made it possible for me to live in luxury,” says Mihailova to “image”. This Ex-“Sugar Daddy”, a man who paid his wife for sexual favors to a life in luxury, would like to replace the singer.

And for that the gentlemen need more than a fat wallet. “He needs to pay me a minimum of 30’000 euros a month, if he wants to stay longer with me.” But it is also cheaper. For two hours Mihailova 2000 take it for a whole night of 5500 euros.

does not See himself as a prostitute

But even if you sold your body for money, as a prostitute, the Ex-“American idol is not”-candidate: “The man introduces me to his body also.” And maybe you can fall in love Mihailova also by Cinderella Escort: “of Course it would be nice if it tingles at some point. Otherwise, we are more likely to be a community of purpose.” (klm)