less than a month Ago American idol”winner Alphonso Williams (†57) lost “his battle against prostate cancer. At the end of October he was buried in Oldenburg (DE) beige. Around 450 people came to say goodbye to Alphonso.

The family is struggling, your beloved Alphonso to let go. Therefore, she has thought of something Special: The Williams family was of an artist recreations of Alphonsos hands make. The hands are made of a ceramic mass, which hardens to a porcelain similar.

artist Katrin Böhling talks about Alphonso

Katrin Böhling (45), employee of the “Little Feet”in the Studio, got the opportunity to bring these special request of the family. For the impressions she was alone with the corpse of Alphonso the undertaker. Compared to “image” tells you of this emotional Moment: “I was positively surprised and very touched by this Situation. He looked beautifully peaceful. Not really how a deceased Person. I went with a good feeling from him.”

The fingerprints of the singer are mementos for relatives in his adopted home of Germany, and in the country of his birth. “A Hand is to remain in the family home, the other at his sister Michico in the United States,” says Böhling. (fmü)