American generals pushed to the wall

Donald trump confidently begins the campaign for re-election. Impeachment and “Ukrainian” only added points.

the closer the election, the stakes are higher, and trump comes up trumps. Administration gently throws the news: the President is going to lower taxes.

“At a meeting in the oval office, the President said: let’s lower taxes by September. We expect to lower taxes for the middle class by 10%,” said Larry Kudlow, Advisor to trump on the economy.

Although the polls in a reelection trump believe 66% of Americans. He collects stadiums. The supporters love him from head to toe: trump — on caps, t-shirts, socks.

Joe Biden that the democratic leadership had to push against trump until the intra-party passes a sieve. In the primaries in new Hampshire he is only the fifth. Upset and spit on the voters, canceling a meeting with them, leaving the state a day earlier.

the Film-investigation — a shot in the falling ratings of the former Vice President. Prime Minister on the eve of the primaries in one of the American channels that are close to Trump. Journalists told how Biden’s son “washed” in Ukraine, millions, and high-ranking dad would cover it.

“Joe Biden calls to have me removed, and I asked, how do you explain this?! How can you explain the resignation of the attorney General?! Poroshenko said, we’ll figure something out,” — says in the film, former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin.

In the end, even the black population that remembers that Biden worked with Obama from the former Vice-President turns away. Troops of volunteers were dropped off in new Hampshire Ms. Gabbard, Tulsi. Congressman from Hawaii, the last soldiers of the US army, to smell gunpowder in the middle East, says “no to war”. Ms. Gabbard scored a little more than 3% of the votes. Victory — the 78-year-old Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders.

Among all the candidates, Democrats, his rhetoric stands out BAAIDH Sanders. The campaign emphasizes that he is a disinterested person. Not affiliated with fat cats of wall street. His sponsors, the voters, that list 10-20 dollars. Here and the poster emphasize it: paid from the Fund “Bernie -2020”. Paid not millionaires.

The people’, but the richest candidate in the race — Bloomberg. Outbids political analysts, advertising buys — his agitation in America today — each of iron, and everything in order to trump the left in the White house for another term.

“He’s going to spend their 400-500 million dollars, and maybe they even win the primaries. Chance of becoming President had not, to be honest, I would prefer to run against Bloomberg than against Sanders. Sanders has real supporters, and Bloomberg only all buying,” said trump.

Already started the rumor that Bloomberg, in case of victory the Vice-President does Hillary Clinton. And now, in such a tandem his chances of winning certainly increase. But trump, meanwhile, the Obama administration tries to demonize. Especially the curator of foreign policy, as times former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton: while her military secrets allegedly leaked over the border. In particular, in Russia.

“we Have a huge amount of super-fast missiles. They’re five, six and even seven times faster than conventional rockets. They are necessary to us, as Moscow already has a similar service. I am not going to tell you how they got them. The Russians may have taken the idea from the plans of the Obama administration. This is very bad,” said trump.

These words trump caused a stir. Journalists have cornered the generals, and they didn’t know what to say, because the United States has repeatedly said: do not lead the development of this kind of missiles. In the end, trump’s words is not denied, but not confirmed. The Pentagon in the arms race allegedly not involved, and anyway he doesn’t need parity in nuclear weapons with Russia and China.

“We do not seek parity. Russiane in the last 15 years has done considerable work to expand and modernize its Arsenal, and we have just extended the life of the system, which is already. I confess, the idea that we start an arms race, it surprises me,” said Charles Richard, head of Strategic command of the U.S. armed forces.

the White house added: will speak with Moscow on new treaties on arms limitation. American Newspapers write: the administration is now actively seeking a competent and credible negotiator who will defend the interests of the United States in the future transaction.

Text: “News of the week”