Reilly Hamilton (22) lives right in the middle of Manhattan. A dream of four walls. With access to the roof. The perfect Location for parties and Selfies. And that’s exactly how a photo was for you almost to death.

On Saturday it rises at about 8 am on the roof and falls five floors in the deep! She slams to a part of an air conditioning and lands then to a waste collection point. She is seriously injured, in critical condition, but she’s alive!

“she’s lucky to be alive”

you cried and complained about your pain, like a neighboring to the “New York Post” reported. “She’s lucky to be alive.” For the rescue force, the rescue was difficult. The garbage collection point behind the building was so full that they had to carry the victim through the apartment of their neighbors, to get to the ambulance in front of the house.

Subsequently, Hamilton was taken to a nearby hospital and needed surgery.

It is not the first Selfie-fall in New York. Sydney Monfries (†22) conciliation for the perfect photo in the bell tower of the Fordham University in the Bronx. As you want to shoot a Selfie, she fell through an Opening in the tower, fell 12 meters in depth – and died. (bra)