America was swept by a wave of violence: the death of a black George Floyd in Minneapolis, on the throat, which is almost nine minutes pushed the knee, a white police officer, sparked protests across the country. Police officer Derek Michael Sowin responsible for the death of Floyd, have already been arrested. Power of Minneapolis and Minnesota has said all the right words about the inadmissibility of excessive use of force by law enforcement and about a deep respect for racial minorities, but the riots are only gaining pace. Burning police stations, crowds looting stores, burning cars, attacking the police.

does Not help neither the authorities ‘ appeal for calm, nor politically correct media, where the TV screen about the riots of African Americans, as a rule, tells black reporter (“same”). In Minnesota, the Governor not only threw the suppression of the riots all the police force of the state, but also engaged the national guard and asked the Pentagon to send military police.

authorities Imposed the curfew massively violate thousands of people in clashes between the riots and the security forces are wounded on both sides. The riots with the mass violence happening in Detroit, Chicago, new York, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles and other cities.

will the government repay another epidemic of racial violence? Riots of this nature has happened in American cities in the 60-ies and 90 – they happen, in General, constantly, although in different proportions. Some of them have claimed dozens of lives and caused enormous material damage. This time to such an extent it has not yet reached, but continuation may be different.

unfortunately, the American head of state is the person who pushes society to the violence.

Donald trump, who – he ruled the country via Twitter – tweet reproduced his supporter: “the Only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” (abbreviated phrase of General Philip Sheridan, who spoke in the second half of the 19th century that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian”). A little later, trump tweeted: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”. This saying he borrowed from a textbook racist George Wallace, Governor of Alabama and candidate for the Republican nomination for the US presidency in 1968.

No good, soothing emotions such exercises trump can not cause. Twitter forced began to put on tweets trump the appropriate precautionary notes. Facebook refused to do it under the pretext of freedom of speech (which is somehow not the same for trump and ordinary users of the social network).

“a Riot is the language of those who do not hear,” – said in 1966 the leader of the movement of American blacks for civil rights ��Artin Luther king. Today in the US is often quoted is his statement and say that the equality of blacks remained unfulfilled purpose – despite numerous laws on the inadmissibility of any discrimination, as well as benefits for African Americans admission to universities, hiring, etc.

against blacks have a fair share of prejudice, based on the history, politics and social structure of America. Slavery, the civil war (1861-1865 gg), the Reconstruction period, until 1877, when the U.S. government was keeping the southern States under strict control, and then – former slave owners returned the former slaves to a state of lawlessness. Segregation lasted another 90 years, then in 60-e years of the twentieth century, blacks fought for civil rights in American cities was rampant race riots then reigned as though the equality de jure but not de facto.

Black and white continues to live mostly apart: white by hook or by crook try to avoid black in their home areas, but if it fails and black is getting a lot, go to other places. The authorities artificially implanted multiculturalism, mixing raznoraznih children in urban schools; as a result, school becomes poor, and white and Asian kids take there parents go out of town, in some suburban district, where good public schools, or send their children to private school. Both options require considerable expenses.

Meanwhile, black children all by hook or by crook trying to hold on to graduating from high school, but many drop out and remain without school-leaving certificate. They are accepted in municipal and some private colleges without a diploma, allowing them to complete their secondary education after admission to the University. They give scholarships to the poor, or as athletes (among blacks a lot of good athletes).

But all this does not solve the problem of the gap between the races in educational attainment and wages. At one extreme, well – educated and employed whites and Asians, on the other – poorly-educated and low-paid or unemployed African – and Latin-Americans. This, of course, somewhat simplistic, there are many exceptions, but in General it is.

In an urban ghetto with subsidized houses for the poor, where they live in the majority black, there is poverty, addiction and crime that are passed down from generation to generation. In African-Americans most often single-parent families without a father; mother toiling in low-paid work, and the kids get an education in street gangs and have a teenager ready to go to jail – where blacks five times more than the members of the white race. Criminal recidivism among African Americans has a wide distributiondefamiliarisation.

the Negro preachers, demagogues, such as the new York activist al Sharpton, constantly go on about racial inequality, which is reflected in the dominance of blacks and Hispanics among the detainees, detainees, prisoners, homeless, etc. But how can the colored “minorities” do not constitute the majority among all these categories, though they make up the majority of the population of new York, Chicago, Atlanta and other major cities?

Under the weight of accusations of “racial profiling” of power, for example, new York city virtually abandoned the practice of stopping suspicious vehicles and search their occupants – because this practice is “reproportioning affects black and brown citizens.” But they, these same citizens make up new York most – what to check? To artificially seek out to check white?

a Standoff between police and the black population in the United States has a rich history. Historically, the police recruited from the whites. Of course, this stage is long behind us – among police officers, there are representatives of all races, there are black police chiefs of major cities, but enmity and distrust remained. And racism and white racism, and “reverse”, black racism is also bubbling slowly under the cover of political correctness, until they suddenly can sometimes be overheating, as it is now in Minneapolis, and the lid blows.

Police excesses against blacks (though not only them) occur regularly, although in America there are laws to prevent this: the 4th and 14th amendments to the Constitution, the Act of the violent crime control and law enforcement of 1994, etc. the U.S. justice Department in forced local governments to reform their police Department – it was in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Cincinnati, Buffalo and many other cities. But things are there.

human rights organizations say that the police sometimes tolerate excessive use of force and racial profiling, arbitrary arrests, surveillance and searches, intimidate witnesses, falsifiziert evidence, give false testimony under oath, etc. is Found and corruption, though its scale is not comparable with the police corruption in Russia. “Rotten apples” as they are called, thrown out of the police, punished, imprisoned. But the ideal personnel has never been and never will be – neither in America, nor in Russia, nor anywhere else.

What’s next? Most likely, everything will remain as before. Except that added a new outbreak of coronavirus epidemic as a consequence of the riots.

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