Amendments to the Constitution: the working group has attacked proposals

Pavel Krasheninnikov attacked proposals. Just arrived from Yekaterinburg, and once in the Duma, there also managed to collect an impressive package. “At the moment 30 amendments formally submitted to the state Duma. Next, we have about 200 proposals are discussed in the working group. The fact that we have traveled the regions and received lots of suggestions. For example, I have from the Department of constitutional law of the Sverdlovsk University – a large pack of”, — said the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on state construction and law.

Members of the working group all week — in the regions. Here is the presidential amendments to the Constitution discussed in Krasnoyarsk. Krasnodar, Makhachkala, Voronezh, Volgograd, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for a week — thirty-five regions. All this occurs for the first time publicly: anyone can join if he has questions on constitutional amendments or proposals.

“in Addition to trips to the regions, we have formed subgroups on the topics. By the way, due to the fact that the number of proposals are increasing, they raise different questions,” said Talia khabrieva, Director of the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation.

the Social unit: the minimum wage not below the subsistence level and the regular indexation of pensions.

“Good question, we fully support it, but it says “regularly”, but we believe that the pension should be indexed annually,” noted Nikolay Nikiforov, Chairman, Russian trade Union of railwaymen and transport builders.

“it is Clear that citizens are most concerned about social issues. Offer to a higher level to raise and define motherhood as the most important value for our future. And to include this provision in the preamble,” said taliya khabrieva.

Block state structure implies a redistribution of powers between the branches of government. The state Duma will be able to take a more active part in the appointment of the Prime Minister and the government, the Federation Council, to influence the approval of the heads of the power unit. The new status of the state Council — a consultative body will be now specified in the basic law.

Requirements for high-ranking officials — the voting age and the absence of foreign citizenship or residence permit.

“Our proposal to extend the list of persons banned from holding public office, to the regional level”, — said Yuri Burlachko, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region.

the Public chamber is a kind of nerve center, the headquarters, which receives all the comments and suggestions. If the document is at these tables, he has all chances to be included in the revised Russian Constitution.

“for Example, I would have said in one form or another, our victory in the Second world war, our status as a victorious power”, — said Alexei Pushkov, Chairman of the interim Commission of the Federation Council’s information policy and media engagement.

Or another amendment Kalyagin – Piotrovsky – Matsuev: they offer to write the preamble to the passage of that culture protected by the state.

“Our Constitution says about the accessibility of culture, that is, everyone can open the door, but nowhere is it written that the state is obliged to maintain the culture,” said Director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky.

in addition, rules in the Constitution can not only add, but, on the contrary, exclude some of them long since obsolete.

“we are Talking about opportunities to gather around the Federal Assembly to hear speeches of leaders of foreign States. Yes, in the 90s, our country has often looked in the mouth of other countries and sometimes depended on their opinion”, — said Sergey Burlakov, a member of the Public chamber.

the Famous Paralympian Sergei Burlwhat is repeatedly represented Russia in the international arena and believe that we have earned the right to have an opinion. And this just in the spirit of another presidential amendments on the supremacy of the Russian Constitution over international law. The legal unit.

“Every country that thinks about its sovereignty, it puts its laws above the other. A Prime example is the United States. There is no one, not even judges, are not aware of the existence of such thing as international law”, — said Vyacheslav Nikonov, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on education and science.

All these comments have to pass second and third reading in the state Duma, the statement in the Federation Council, the approval of the regional parliaments, but after that, a mandatory popular vote on the holding of Vladimir Putin particularly insisted.

“These amendments will enter into force only after the people decide. And the President also talked about this in the Message, and the meeting with the working group,” said Julia Ogloblina, head of the Russian Union of youth.

the Procedure for a new Russia, and while a lot of questions. At the weekend or during the week, traditional or electronic, all this will certainly indicate in a separate bill that will be voted on in the Duma in advance.

Text: “News of the week”