Amendments to the Constitution ready. The last word - for the Russians

Vladimir Putin met with the heads of Duma factions. Discussed the amendments to the Constitution of the country. The President called their demand for Russia in recent years has changed dramatically. The conversation ended well after midnight.

Meeting with leaders of parliamentary factions is late at night, in front of her was a complicated hours-long negotiations with Erdogan. But the Russian President — the Constitution on the special control.

“Everything that happens in the world, we are of course very important, but nothing is more important than what is happening in our country”, — he stressed.

Before you bring them all together at one table, Putin talked with each separately, and found that the constitutional question at parties in rare unanimity.

“it is crucial that updated the Constitution of the United people regardless of political views, from the level of security, from the region of residence, nationality or religion. The Constitution is the Basic law that would consolidate society. I think we’ll be able to put to nationwide vote such draft amendments to the law”, — Putin said.

On amendments they worked throughout the country, proposals were received from all regions, and now the new parliamentary level.

“I would Like to have remained the consolidation, which was during the consideration of bills in the first reading, because in the first reading discusses the concept of all supported unanimously. All political factions have expressed support for the concept,” said speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

the Text of the new edition is ready, and on March 10, will put it to a vote in the state Duma. 22 amendments from the Communist party, 12 from the liberal democratic party, 10 from the “Fair Russia” — parliamentary parties from the very beginning actively involved in the reform of the Constitution, and now for the first time can discuss this process with the President.

the Russian Constitution adoptsMali a quarter of a century ago, when the country cared not about the quality of life and survival. The current economic and political situation allows to make the state socially oriented and to fix it in the basic law.

“We all understand how important today is support of the family, its values, comprehensive protection of children, provision of affordable education and healthcare and, of course, a decent standard of life of older people, pensioners. Social services for people of all ages. High standards here should be equally respected in all regions and municipalities. This is not so easy to achieve, bearing in mind the level of development of these territories, but this of course should strive for. And in order for us to really achieve improvement, it is necessary, of course, that these goals have worked at all levels of public authorities, from municipal to Federal,” said the head of state.

And all of these initiatives find a positive response in Russian society. Changes in the Constitution is ripe, that according to the vast majority of Russians.

“it’s Very important in principle — the amendment on the indexation of pensions at least once a year. I really hope that in the practical implementation of this norm of the future Constitution, we will not forget and about working pensioners,” — said the head of the faction “Fair Russia” in the Duma, Sergey Mironov.

Citizens are guaranteed by the state: for affordable medical care, support of pensioners, entrepreneurs, workers, protection of the Russian language as a constituent.

“the Particular importance of education, science and culture. By the way, this is extremely important, including the role of the Russian language. And special attention to children, women, well, you said that while you are working will the father and mother, and traditional values are extremely important,” — said the leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov.

And for the protection of the state borders — of people, judging by the polls, seriously concerned about the recent increase in attempts on Russian territory.

“of Course, I supported the strengthening of the sovereignty and independence of our country. People are very active just to raise these issues. Of course, is to support the families, support childhood and culture. And very important is also support of compatriots”, — Sergey Neverov, the head of the faction “United Russia” in the Duma.

Everyone finds this project ideologically close to the political force initiative.

“it is Important because more powers are transferred to representatives of the authorities. It is only progress. Fought for it for centuries, — said Vladimir Zhirinovsky. — Millions of people put their heads to the parliaments had more power. And we do it now. Both chambers. And the courts, and the judiciary. That is all only getting better. Therefore, I believe that the citizens will gladly go to the polls on 22 April.”

This is the only condition which is set by the President the amendments will enter into force only after nationwide voting, if “for” is not less than half of the population.

“the Authors of this law, these decisions must be citizens of the Russian Federation. They belong here, absolutely determining role. It is very important that people knew, understood, was aware of what they are voting for,” said Putin.

the Procedure envisaged on the model of the last presidential election. Putin proposes to impose the same liability for violations of administrative and criminal, and the Institute of observers from each parliamentary party. To result in no one was in doubt.