Yesterday, Saturday, gathered in the Swiss officers ‘ Association (SOG) to their Assembly of delegates in the venerable monastery hall of Einsiedeln, SZ. With: defence Minister Viola Amherd (56, CVP).

The SOG was recently in the headlines because of the poor squad councils, unlike the Federal Council and a clear majority of National – and Stands a tightening of the arms the right to reject. On its adaptation to EU-directives on 19. May tuned.

However, the military remained of a Federal Council scolding spared. On the contrary, In her speech, defence Minister Amherd said not a word on the template.

Instead of using the coordination language Amherd on the proportion of women in the military and the procurement of new fighter jets and the ground-based air defence as it is currently the most important business.

enemies or allies?

it Would have been an opportunity to talk about the military now? When asked about this, says Amherd to Sunday view: “I had here, on the SUCTION Assembly of delegates for a different task. I gave a talk on the future priorities of the army. It was not necessary to explain, that I am as the whole of the Federal Council for the new weapons law.”

their Position was clear, and the so-called know the. In return, you respect the opinion of society as an Association under private law. Moreover, there is also the pull of different views on the issue of gun rights.

In military language, one could describe this behavior as cowardice before the enemy. Or as a tactic. Because: Want to succeed Amherd with their billions of dollars in arms transactions, it needs allies. Truer allied officers as a Militia, and the invest volunteer a lot of time for the army, you will find it hardly. And soon you will be out of Amherds vision in important questions depend on each other.

“A missed opportunity”

But the diplomatic restraint is not good anywhere. The Zug FDP Council of States Joachim Eder (67): “This is a missed opportunity.” Of a collegial authority, such as the Federal Council, they should expect people to mutually support. Eder plays on the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice of FDP councillor Karin Keller-Sutter (55) of the arms act.

The officers would have been more open to discussion. SOG-President Stefan Holenstein (57): “From our point of view, would the Federal councillor for the subject to Express.”

Viola Amherd (56, CVP) got this week’s visit by the biggest young talent in the Swiss authors sport. Fabio Scherer (19), of the formula 3 denies 2019 in the Sauber Junior Team championship, visited the sports Minister in the Federal house for an impromptu visit. The Lucerne, a resident in Engelberg, OW, was also a fitting Present: a Pair of his Racing gloves.

The Magistratin was evidently happy about the visit of the young pilots, who travelled to trips subsequently, test in Le Castellet in the South of France. On the question of Scherer, whether or not you follow auto racing on TV, said Amherd with a smile, do it irregularly, and when, “without a sound”.

Until the start of the season at 10. May in Barcelona, Fabio Scherer has a lot of things. This also includes a small personal Problem. The 1.79-metre-sized Swiss is at the Moment 1.5 kilograms over the ideal weight.

Scherer thinks but more: As a competitor he wants the top sport-RS-complete – and to do it then maybe come back with Viola Amherd. But then with Amherd the Secretary of defense.