dozens of people would want to prevent the infected and part of Covid-19 diseased pensioners, who come from a different municipality, be moved to a home in the Andalusian city and quarantined.

The protesters had also tried to prevent the ambulance column with a on the road provided the vehicle and the barricade to continue their drive. In the night of Wednesday have protested around 50 people in front of the residence again. You would have to encounter threats and garbage container set on fire. From neighboring houses, explosive devices were thrown in addition to the residential home. Two men were taken to police information.

The pensioner had previously been out of your Dorm in about a hundred kilometres North of La Línea to the nearby municipality of Alcalá del Valle evacuated, because it had given a large spread of the Coronavirus. Three residents were killed, at least half of the staff of the residence have tested positive for the Virus in Sars-CoV-2. La Linea mayor Juan Franco, criticized on Wednesday the violent protests, but said also, the relocation of the seniors had not been planned “well”. He himself had only been in the “last moment” informs.

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